Vaperio: What have I Become

A demo for a game built around the idea of a 'Vaporwave Bullet Hell'. The vaporwave vibe is a achieved by syrupy movement, with both input lag and significant drag, and most importantly the colourful visuals, and disorientating camera movement. The weird controls and movement allow the difficulty to still feel like that of a bullet hell. This was created in Unity with fellow IGGI students Daniel Hernandez and Igor Dall'Avanzi.

The music used is from various Vaporwave artists: Macintosh Plus; Master Stryker; some simpsonswave artists; and Blank Banshee.

Download here

Chinese Dinosaur Whisper Comics

A game built for the 2018 Global Game Jam with the theme of 'Transmission'. It uses the words of the fantastic Dinosaur Comics webcomic to provide sentences for a local-multiplayer pass and play version of the kids game 'Chinese Whispers'. It was created in Unity with fellow IGGI student Sha Li.